Sunday, 13 July 2014


I want to not just talk about my own work here, but also highlight interesting tools by other Max users which might be of interest in a sound design context. Max user and composer jvkr, who is based in the Netherlands has released an interesting device called the Havoxicon. It is built around an unusual process derived from a hardware module called the Rungler, designed by Rob Hordijk:

The nice thing about this is the story behind the device from jvkr's blog, and that you can download the device for free (for Mac), contribute a few dollars if you find it useful, but then also poke around inside the Gen code which has been shared to the C74 forum. 

In use the Havoxicon is one of those devices which you learn through experimentation and feedback. Even though you may not understand how the process at the core works, you quickly get a sense of what the controls do, but it always has the capacity to surprise - I challenge you to download it and not spend at least an hour twiddling the knobs! In terms of output, the sound is very electronic, potentially useful for creating all sorts of GUI sounds or machine noises. Here is a composition from jvkr which should give you an idea of the sounds possible:

Thanks to jvkr for sharing this.